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Have your casino website, slots and table games translated by native translators with a professional iGaming background and rest assured that the right gambling terminology is used.

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+ev Translation Service is the only translation service in the Philippines offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
You can´t transact any safer than that.
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Asian Languages:
Chinese | Indonesian | Japanese | Korean | Malaysian | Russian | Thai | Turkish | Vietnamese

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Scandinavian Languages:
Danish | Finnish | Norwegian | Swedish

Getting the right translation has a huge impact on the success of your product. Using a machine translation such as Google Translator undoubtedly makes players lose trust in the reliability of payouts. The same goes for non-native or unskilled translators. Imagine your game or website using the wrong terminology and being full of typos. No matter how well designed the website or games are, players will question the integrity of the company behind it. Why not increase player retention and acquisition by working with a rock-solid iGaming translation service instead?

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When having content translated the choice of an appropriate and reliabe translator is of utmost importance. There are several criteria our translators have to fulfill. The 3 main criteria are:

  1. Natives only We only work with native translators who have grown up in their country of origin to ensure that the necessary language ability is existing.
  2. Proficient English Skills Of course translators also have to be professionally proficient in English. To translate a text accurately one has to first fully understand it.
  3. iGaming knowledge A text has to be translated in the right context. To deliver quality iGaming translations, it is essential for a translator to be aware of suitable gambling terminology.

Get Your iGaming Content Translated – Contact Us Now
(632) 505-0902
| 0917-301-1705 | Makati@plusev-solutions.com

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Christian Schmidt
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Who we are

About us in short

+ev Translation Service is a team of experienced native translators helping iGaming companies in Asia and world wide.
We will always meet your deadlines and ensure that the translation delivered is of the highest quality. We can promise this thanks to years of experience and an extensive pool of reliable native translators.

How Do We Get Your iGaming Translation Done?
A translation by us is done in these 4 Quick and Easy Steps:

Step 1: Submit your Documents

To receive a quotation for your files for translation please send them via email to

STEP 2: Quotation and Payment

Once we have received your files for translation, we will send you the quotation and the payment details.

STEP 3: Accurate Translation

We translate your files and proofread the translation, ensuring quality output.

STEP 4: Delivery

For soft copy of your translation we can send it via email.
For hard copy we can send it to your address via mail
You may visit our office at 3F, 146 Salcedo Street, Makati.