Future and Challenges of iGaming in Russia

The Russian Federation is a lucrative place for the iGaming market. However, the government’s decision to ban gambling in the country has hurt the potential of the untapped market. Home to more than 142 million people and more than a few potential high rollers, Russia could be a mighty force in online gaming.

Future of iGaming in Brazil

Over the last few years, the world’s fifth largest country has been experiencing incredible economic growth. Though things have slowed down recently, Brazil’s boom that’s brought a host of middle class comforts, like Internet access, to a population that’s readily embraced them.

Emerging Market Trends for iGaming Worldwide

The online gaming business is progressively moving into markets around the world, changing the model of the gambling industry as many consumers turn to the Internet to bet on sports, gamble on slots or play cards.

Growth of iGaming Industry in Asia

Across the Asia, with exception to Japan, the iGaming market continues to experience a steady, healthy growth in the previous year of 2014. With this, experts estimate that the revenue coming from this region can reach up to US$30.39 billion in 2018 at a compound annual growth rate of 18.53%.

Overview: The iGaming Industry

Online gaming is considered as one of the most popular activities in the entertainment scene. Due to the vast reach of the internet as well as the continuously improving, gambling sites are becoming more accessible for all people.

Betting in Online Casino Games for Malaysians



Malaysia is one of the countries in South East Asia that legalizes gambling, except for online casino games. In fact, there are four cities in the country that has legal gambling facilities. Malaysia is home to a single casino, three turf clubs, and numerous off track betting facilities. The casino, Resorts World Genting, is one of the ten biggest casinos in the world.

The Japanese Art of Video Game Translation

A retail display with a large selection of games for platforms popular in the early 2000s
A retail display with a large selection of games for platforms popular in the early 2000s.

Making profit just by doing Japanese translation can already regard you as an artist. The rise of video games can be the most sought-after opportunity for translators. However, it is not always easy as it seems.