How to Authenticate your Marriage Certificate for Taiwan Visa

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) has a multi-phase procedure for the authentication of a marriage certificate for Tawian Visa.

At Phase I, before you get married to your Taiwanese fiancé, he has to apply for a Legal Capacity Certificate. Once the two of you have received it from TECO, you can apply for a marriage license at your City or Municipal Hall. At this time you should also set your interview date with TECO.

Why Thai Translations Increase your Business Sales

Thailand as one of the emerging markets in the South East Asia region is ideal for expanding your business. There are currently 70 million Thais; and with a GDP of $380 billion it is the second largest economy in South East Asia. The region’s purchasing power between now and 2050 could increase six times, according to the ADB. This is on a similar level to Europe today.

GPD Thailand

3 Important Tips for Chinese Business Translations

16% of the world’s population speak Chinese. Businesses all over the world often reach out to translation services. There is an increasing trend to communicate with potential Chinese-speaking customers. This can be through marketing brochures, presentations, websites, and even business cards. Successful Philippine businesses in the Chinese speaking market consider it a good investment. They also know that it has high returns. Take a look at resorts and casinos in the Philippines. They choose to have Chinese translations to bring in more clients.

chinese business translations