Emerging Market Trends for iGaming Worldwide

The online gaming business is progressively moving into markets around the world, changing the model of the gambling industry as many consumers turn to the Internet to bet on sports, gamble on slots or play cards.

Malta: The European Hub for iGaming Industry


Malta became a member of the EU in May 2004. This played a very important role in attracting remote gaming operators to Malta. With the present uncertainties of operating online and facing restrictions by national authorities, being established in Malta results in operators benefiting from the freedom of establishment and the freedom provide cross-border services within the EU.

Growth of iGaming Industry in Asia

Across the Asia, with exception to Japan, the iGaming market continues to experience a steady, healthy growth in the previous year of 2014. With this, experts estimate that the revenue coming from this region can reach up to US$30.39 billion in 2018 at a compound annual growth rate of 18.53%.

iGaming Industry in the Philippines

iGaming in the Philippines: E-games casino in Makati City / photo from egamescasino.ph

iGaming in the Philippines: E-games casino in Makati City / photo from egamescasino.ph

A Philippine gaming license is considered a valuable one. This is due to the fact that The Philippines is the only country in Asia to license online casinos.

Overview: The iGaming Industry

Online gaming is considered as one of the most popular activities in the entertainment scene. Due to the vast reach of the internet as well as the continuously improving, gambling sites are becoming more accessible for all people.

Chinese Retail Market Opportunities for Foreign Investors

Though retail as a whole is no longer considered an emerging sector in China, some of the sector’s sub-markets and business formats are just developing and receive strong support from the government, including funding, grants, and preferential policies. Foreign companies may find lucrative investment opportunities in these areas.

The Future of Internet Retailing in Indonesia


Indonesia is currently trying to keep up with the retail market by engaging into Internet marketing. Some of the country’s biggest companies are approaching this transition by adopting the strategies and techniques from the already mature e-commerce markets in countries such as USA, Japan and China.

Things to Remember While Living in Spain

Panoramic view of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Panoramic view of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Due to vast opportunities and ease in the country, native Spanish speakers and translators choose to live in the Philippines as expatriates. At the same time, Filipinos also strive to live in Hispanic countries due to career and family purposes.